Reimagine / Redesign
Star 106.5 FM

Sometimes you need to showcase all that you have to offer

Okay sure. Star had a website. What was the purpose, what was the message,  and what could they do with it ? Broadcasting all over the islands of the Bahamas, Star wanted to bring their credible brand of humor, music and news along with them. 

They wanted the website to be an outreach of their radio waves and as such increase the strength of their message. 

What we crafted for them was simple in design, but powerful in execution. We built in platforms for their radio, marketing and social media markers for their on-air personalities should they want them. In addition, we built out the news section to be attention worthy, and added a place where they could list all of their events.  We included an easy to use administrative backend because radio moves at the speed of sound!


User case development

What We Did

User Interface




Star 106.5 FM.

Easily accessed Radio Player
Do you want to search for the radio when you go to a radio website ? Didn't think so.
Events Listing
Now you know where to go, how to get there and what it's going to be like
On-Air Personalities
Some of the best in the business deserve to have some air time for those smiling faces.

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