Reimagine / Redesign

Sometimes you need a refresher. That's the only thing that let's your true business talent shine.

Tia Toni Designs approached us with a need to update her online presence. It wasn't that she couldn't see the look that she wanted, it was that she couldn't find the right company to represent her view. Mother (Ai) to the rescue. It's a burden to have great talent and not have it expressed properly. Mother (Ai) worked with the artist to find out what she wanted and how she wanted to conduct her online presence.

We went through several drafts ensuring that the tone, the colors, the user experience was exactly what she wanted.


User case development

What We Did

User Interface




Tia Toni Designs

Updated Look
We started by updating the look with something more modern and that was in keeping with her vision for the site. Visitors knew that they were getting quality.
Contact Details
It's no good if they can't contact you. We added a stylishly crafted contact page and ensures that the details were in easy view.
Multiple Views
Art is no good unless you can see it. Or it isn't visible. In either case the work needed to be represented properly. Viewers needed to know the type of work she did.

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